Lens Designs

Reading eyeglasses and beautiful nature view. Sight care conceptOur lenses are manufactured in some of the most modern and technologically advanced labs in the world. We can design lenses to fit our patients’ needs from different types of progressive lenses, bifocals and single vision lenses. We offer different coatings (antireflective, scratch resistant) and transition lenses.

We also offer safety lenses, polycarbonate lenses, computer lenses, sports lenses, special tints, ultra-violet protection, and thin, lightweight lenses.

We now have BluTech lenses available, which block the high-energy blue light that is emitted from devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers. Blocking the blue light has been shown to reduce sensitivity, glare, fatigue and headaches. Research has also been done to show that reducing our exposure to blue light can reduce our risk of macular degeneration and early onset cataracts. Ask for a demo!